Here is a collection of web sites which may be of interest to you.  

Please send us any suggestions for links


Great Ouse Boating Association (GOBA) - site includes loads of links to other sites

Bedford Boat Club

Denver Cruising Club

Pike and Eel Boat Club

Upware Boat Club

Cambridge Sailing Club

Environment Agency

Cam Conservators

- boat sales, chandlery, fuel

Ely Boat Chandlers

Judes Ferry (the Lark)

Lazy Otter (the Old West)

Jenyns Arms (Denver Sluice)

Five Miles From Anywhere (Cam - Upware)

Bridge Hotel (Cam - Waterbeach)

Swan on the River (Gt Ouse - Littleport)

Cambridge tourist office

Cambridge - this is a privately-run site with an excellent range of links to local sites

Canal Boating in UK and Europe - Lots of boating information and links